Redwood Merchant Services - Fraudulent holding of funds

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Even after proving the legitimate transaction (unnecessary amount of 'proof' requested and supplied), Redwood Merchant Services is still withholding our funds. This company is fraudulent and, apparently, is holding onto our funds just to make interest on it.

We'll be switching to another company as soon as this ordeal is finished. PayPal offers a credit card processing merchant service that we'll be looking into. Otherwise, I've heard Google does too.

BTW, Michael at Redwood Merchant Services hasn't been very helpful and is rude and condescending.

(I am going to post this in as many places online as possible, to warn others.)

Hope this helps other looking to use RMS.

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Redwood Merchant Services - Owner

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This Company is the worst, if you don't take a look closely to your statement they are just going to take your sales money and just tell you that they need it to pay thir fees, on your mensual statement you will see $ 200 fees, but if you make your reconciliation you will see that they are taking some fees" hidden fees for their "work".

They steal us in one month $ 3,850 after one month of calling them about that money that dissapear and never get to our bank account, they fianly find $ 1,000 that were missing because one of the girl who was working there was seek and she forgot to make the deposit, the other $ 2,850 were hidden fees, you can imagine if you have to sell for $ 30,000 in sales and have to pay mensual fees of $ 200 to $ 861 fees that are on your statement and than have $ 2850 in hidden fees?? when we complain after years with this company thay just tell us to change company and that they all be the same, don't give your money to these people.

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Redwood Merchant Services - Placed my company on a Mat System for merchant processing

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I would like to tell the world about this company's fraud and scams they play against their clients!After processing credit cards with Google Merchant services for about a year.

I was became increasingly nervous about not having the ability to contact Google Merchant services as they do not have a customer service phone number to call them in the event you had a problem or a question so I searched online for merchant processors hoping to get one that would have customer support to where some one like my company could call and have the support they needed. Also having a processing company help defend off scammers who purchase items or services from your business and then turn around and disbute the transaction thus getting away with your merchandise or services and getting their money back while you as the company pay big bucks out of your pocket. What I thought was a good company at the time was Redwood Merchant Services. They had the customer service at least during their business hours and I received a statement every month something I was not ocustom to with Google.

They read my web site which has our policy's and terms and were fine with our rules and agreements to our customers. So after about 6 months of processing my customers credit cards and doing real well with how business and money was being processed, I checked our bank account and found that their was a charge back and a debit from that checking account. I called Redwood Merchant services and spoke to a Shari at risk management. She told me that a customer had submitted a charge back for $200.00.

That the customer claimed that he never recieved a pickup for town car service and was disbuting the charges. I was dumbfounded by this and asked what that persons name was so I could check our files and find out what was going on. Shari told me that she could not give me the name of the person which now angered me. Your going to take money away from my company and accuse us of not performing the services this customer paid for but yet not give us any direction to help us locate that customers file and information?

her reply was yes thats it. Lucky for us we only had one solid transaction for $200.00 and found the customers file. It turns out that this customer did ride with us and did go through with his services and was very happy with our service. But, it became very clear to me that this customer was trying to scam his way through a free service and not having to pay a dime out of his pocket and meanwhile my company was out the $200.00 fee, plus the $53.00 chargeback fees on top of which the driver did not get paid because the money was instantly refunded back to this scammer.

Redwood Merchant Services did not allow us time to send them our proof which all vehicles in my fleet have audio and video survielence, plus the reservation form a customer would submit, and the initials the customer signed and agreed to on our rules and terms of services. They simply took our money with out notifying us and allowing us a little time to gather our documents to support the fact that this customer did in fact receive our services. Ok, I had that customer arrested for fraud and it was time to move on. 6 months later the same thing happens again but with a different customer.

But now the bill is much higher. The customer called us for a town car service for a group of 4 passengers wanting to go on a wine tour. My dispatcher quoted him a price and directed him to our web site. He filled out the form, agreed to our terms with his initials and he was set.

The driver the very next day showed up and the guy had 13 people instead of 4 and was requesting a limousine instead. The driver informed him that there were no limousines available and why did he not call 4 hours before the pickup as directed to do in the event of any changes and allow him to drive clear out to there pickup location? The customer said he forgot and told our driver and dispatcher that he wanted to now cancel because we did not have a limo for him. This customer did not follow our rules which is 4 hour prior notice to any changes to your reservation.

And a 24 hour cancellation notice prior to the pickup date and time if you want a full refund. This customer claimed he didn't know he had to do that but yet our reservation form states that, our confirmation email states that, and our policy and terms of service page states that as well and yet he did no? GIVE ME A BREAK! After 30 days this customer puts in a charge back.

We contacted Rewood Merchants over this and they said regardless we have to give him back his money. Redwood Merchant Services said that our rules and policy's are over ruled by theirs and that our policy's were voided and that we have to follow their rules even if the customer took a service with us and wanted his money back we have to give it to them. They also told me a year ago that to secure payments properly that we should get an inprint of the customers card with a signiture that way the customer can not get his money back but yet when we followed that rule we were told that they knew nothing about that rule that a customer can call and get their money back from us at any time and we are just out the money from that point. When we faught them on this they cancelled our account and proceeded to continue to charge our bank account on a charge back that had already been dealt with between me and the customer.

They also knew that we switched over to a new Merchant services company so they placed us on MAT. witch is like checksystems but only on companys so that company can not get a merchant account with anyone else. We found that this company is a fraud. they will not protect your interests as a customer to their business.

And they will rob you of your hard earned money and if you do not comply with what they want, They go to great lengths in proventing you the ability to use another processing bank. I can tell you that this is the way the world is going and people wonder why businesses across the U.S. are closing their doors and filing bankruptcy. We do not have protection against the evil dimises of a customer who knows he or she can get away with stealling your products or services while keeping your money!

Right or Wrong i will be filing a lawsuit against this company rather I win or lose I am going to make sure they understand that their are people in this world that are willing to fight for justice and truth. I am not that guy that Redwood can bully and punch around. Needless to say, We have a new merchant processor however, because we are on that MAT system, all of our transactions are being held hostage! Now we don't know when we will be getting the money on customers we have already serviced.

Meanwhile the bills keep stacking up and we now have no way to pay them.If I were you, I would not consider doing any business with this processor period!

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You should be able to use PayPal without any problems (your clients don't need a PayPal account). I am going through a problem with RMS right now and will be switching after 'hopefully' getting our money!

How did the lawsuit go? Did you actually do it?

I don't have the time for a lawsuit, but will spend some time reporting this company everywhere I can on the web...

Redwood Merchant Services holding my funds illegally

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I would like to share a poor experience that I had with Redwood Merchant Services.I currently employ their services as my merchant account and am dissatisfied.

I had two placed transactions for one customer for $2,000 each, none of which were deposited to my account. I received no email or letter stating why. So I emailed one of their employees by the name of Kristy Umphenor. I received an email the next day by someone of the name of Tina Steffen to call her back.

I called back to speak to Tina, then someone by the name of Michael Morrisey answered. I told Michael I wanted to speak to Tina since she was the person that informed me to call HER back. Michael then stated she was "unavailable". Very very convenient!

So I discussed the above mentioned sales with Michael and he stated in an email that "I am unauthorized" for "these types of sales". I was selling jewelry to a confirmed address in Mexico but was still denied. I did not agree and emailed him back several times to speak to his supervisor, finally he gave me the name of "Michelle". I called today and left a message on voice mail to speak to Michael's supervisor "Michelle" and still nobody has called back.

It appears that they have frozen my account?! Nobody informed me of this, nobody informed me of anything! In fact, I even asked Michael why nobody emailed me on this and he only sidetracked me and stated that they supposedly "sent me a letter to inform me about this". No!

I have not even received a letter, Michael was not a good liar! And their staff has not only given me the runaround, but has also frozen my account without even informing me? Why? Michael never even discussed this with me when I spoke to him on the phone!

thier staff has horrible communication with the customer and I am filing a complaint with the BBB first thing tomorrow morning! Also, the last deposit that Michael "processed" was on 9/29/08, today is 10/14/08! Now I am incurring returned check fees from my bank at $35 a piece! Wait, it gets better!

I got ahold of a Marcie Lewis who is supposedly the manager of Redwood Merchant and she not only my account was "frozen", but she has "closed" it. She even went on to state that she will not release my funds for at least 90 days! So I asked the name of her boss and she refused to give it to me stating "this matter is closed". Wow, she was really afraid that I would get her in trouble if her manager found out about her and her workers antics.

So in short, DO NOT do business with Redwood Merchant Services.

Do a google search, you will find similar stories as mine!

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This company is fraudulent. I am going through an ordeal with them RIGHT NOW! I'll be switching companies!


This is a fradulant review.Idential reviews have been posted other places around the internet for other companies.

A spammer or competitor posted this negative review.

Don't believe it.RMS is a fine company, just check out their many positive reviews on Yelp.

to Jackson #679568

Maybe this review is not "fradulant" (actually spelled fraudulent) because Redwood Merchant Services is a division of Westamerica Bank and therefore this review could be posted under that business name also. I've seen this review all over the web for Redwood Merchant Services, so it seems legit to me.

Also, because of my company's experiences with RMS, I am filing expect to see my legit review "posted other places around the internet".


The slime just oozes from this company.



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